James Hunt

Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals and Percussion (2003-)

James Hunt

James began his musical career making guest appearances with popular Somerset band ‘Hit and Miss’. Once hooked on the highs of playing in front of people rather than to a collection of childhood cuddly toys he formed the amusingly named ‘Unhindered by Talent’ along with his brother and some friends. Playing a mixture of rock and blues they were a typical garage band which developed into the successful Taunton based rock band Burning Chrome.

Forming Best Kept Secret has been the opportunity for James to do something different and learn some new skills. He now contributes with bass and percussion as well as his 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars. James says:

“After 10 years of playing rock songs, BKS (as we call ourselves) is a refreshing change. I love playing the songs we chose for the set and sometime our rehearsals are as much fun as playing the gigs. My experience of taking part in the West Factor 2005 competition was something I will always remember; never in a million years did I think I would ever seriously take part in a singing competition, and we got to the semi finals. Marvellous”

James uses a Liberty 4-string electric bass guitar and Takamine 6 & 12-string guitars with Boss effects. In the studio, he also uses a Taylor 6-string.