Robin Clarke

Multi-instrumentalist & backing vocals (2003 – 2022)

Robin Clarke

Live music was clearly in Robin’s blood; his dad played in a number of successful local bands in the 60s, 70s and 80s, including “The Bisley Brothers” and “Dance Sound”.

A guitarist for over twenty years, Robin co-founded “Friends In Low Places” with Robert & James, and has also appeared with a Punk / Ska band, and a Rock & Roll band.

Robin said “I first found my love of entertaining when I played guitar for my friends in the Bridge common room at Richard Huish, but it was several years before I had the audacity to charge money for having that much fun”.

Robin played a Takamine 6-string, Crafter mandolin, Yamaha fretless bass and sometimes uses an eBow. He used a Shure SM-58 microphone and controlled the loop pedal which provides the rhythmic foundation of songs such as “Black Horse & The Cherry Tree”, “New Shoes” and “I Want to Break Free”.

Robin also built a Mandocello which is played at some gigs.

Sadly, Robin passed away suddenly in February 2022, and with the kind encouragement of Robin’s family, Rachael, James & Robert have decided to carry on.