Rachael Sweeting

Vocals, Guitar & Percussion (2011-)

Rachael Sweeting

Rachael has always had a passion for listening to and performing music and bought her first guitar at age ten (although, unfortunately for her family at the time, couldn’t play a note at that stage!) She then went on to study Contemporary Music and Performing Arts at school and college.

Rachael has performed in several groups over the years including ‘Project’, where she played bass guitar and sang, ‘Just Us’ and, more recently, ’28 Days’ , a duo she formed with Tom Eggar back in 2008 in which she sang and played acoustic guitar. For three years, 28 Days performed many gigs in and around Taunton (including the River Cottage Canteen, Axminster) but decided to call it a day when Rachael became pregnant with her daughter, Jesse (as playing guitar was becoming increasingly difficult!!).

Not long after this in the summer of 2011, Robert got in touch with Rachael and mentioned an audition opportunity as Jess would soon be moving on to pastures new. Rachael was keen to continue performing and the audition led to the offer of lead singer with Best Kept Secret (which she was extremely pleased to accept!).

In Best Kept Secret Rachael sings lead and backing vocals, and also plays guitar, stompbox and kazoo (!)